Sunday, November 05, 2006

90 YEARS YOUNG! And Still Going Strong!

May 12, 2006

You can click on any of the small pictures here and see them enlarged! Try it!
We made my father a small celebration last week while my brother Binyamin was here from the States. Just thought you might like to see this lovely man celebrating his 90th birthday. He was actually surprised by the party, made a very moving speech as well...he is indeed an amazing person and both an inspiration and a living lesson in how to really enjoy each day we are given and live in an attitude of gratitude, counting all our blessings, both big and small.We all love him dearly. There were 10 candles on the cake. One for each 10 years and 1 for the coming 10 years as well!

And just a couple of pics of this wonderful 90 year old having some computer fun....

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